Contractor will furnish an Attorney to provide a single firms/individuals labor-hour contract for legal services pertaining to the construction of the new MARAD National Security Multi-Mission Vessel (NSMV).

Such services may include, but are not limited to, reviewing NSMV related documents such as the contractual agreement with the commercial vessel operating entity (CVOE) and the ship construction contract between the CVOE and the shipyard constructing the vessel; advising Federal officials in the handling of NSMV related negotiations; and advising the legal counsel of MARAD on various issues arising out of or relating to the construction of the NSMV, including, but not limited to, schedule delays, production problems, design defects, shipyard production issues, weather delays, cost and delay increases, change orders, warranty issues following delivery of the NSMV, other disputes, and such other issues as may be determined by MARAD’s Office of Chief Counsel.

Deadline for response: 06/11/2018 1500 ET

Items required for a qualifying response (qualifications needed): Solicitation Offerors proposal specification start on page 50 thru 56 of the document. The instructions are listed as Instructions to Offerors – Commercial Items. Access to the document can be acquired by entering the below link into a web browser:

Contracting Officer: Wilbur W. Turner, Sr.
[email protected]