Hugh S. Meredith passed away last night at the age of 102.  Mr. Meredith joined “Vandeventer & Black” in 1940 as an associate attorney before volunteering for service in the United States Navy in June of 1941.  Thereafter, Mr. Meredith served aboard minesweepers in the North Atlantic and South Pacific Oceans during the Second World War, including command of the USS Lucid (AM 259) in 1945.  When the war ended, Mr. Meredith returned to “Vandeventer & Black,” and became a partner of the firm in 1949, after which the firm’s name was changed to “Vandeventer, Black & Meredith.”  Mr. Meredith had a distinguished legal career of nearly fifty years and was regarded as one of the leading admiralty attorneys of his day.  He served on the MLA’s Executive Committee from 1967-1970 and served as its Vice-President from 1970-1972.  He lived in Virginia before moving to Savannah a few years ago.