The MLA’s Immediate Past President, Francis X. Nolan, III served as a delegate in the official United States delegation to UNCITRAL in Working Group VI which completed the revision and finalization of the Convention for the Recognition of the Effects of Judicial Sale of Ships this past February. Mr. Nolan has been actively involved in this effort since 2008 as the MLA’s representative to the CMI’s Working Group on Judicial Sales, which produced the draft known as the “Beijing Draft,” in 2014. The Beijing Draft formed the starting point for UNCITRAL’s Work Group VI efforts. The Covid Pandemic forced almost all of UNCITRAL’s sessions to be conducted remotely from Vienna and New York, witness one of Frank’s interventions at the February session on the big screens below.

MLA has long been and continues to be dedicated to the advancement of uniformity in maritime law and efficiencies in the world’s maritime trade.

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