Dear Members:

Many of you have received solicitations from companies offering to sell you the “MLA Mailing List.”  Please note that this is not a legitimate solicitation.

The email states:


Would you like to obtain The Maritime Law Association (MLA) – Mailing List.?

Due to COVID-19, we make you to access complete list at discount price in an excel spread sheet.

List Includes: Company Name, Contact Name, Verified E-mail id’s,, URL/Website, Title/Designation.

Can i send you cost of full list.? Please let me know.

Please stay healthy.


____(NAME)______ – Business Development Executive

Companies and associations around the country have received multiple versions of the above offer in the past 10 days. The goal is to induce individuals to respond to the sender and then, once engaged in the communication, obtain personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, or payment from the individual.

Some warning signs of these fake offers are poor grammar and punctuation, such as improper capitalization, misuse of commas, periods, or question marks. In addition, the domain is not associated with a website.

Please do not respond to emails offering to provide the MLA “mailing list.” The MLA’s membership list has not been acquired by a third party.