This Code of Professional Conduct was prepared by the Committee on Professional Relations chaired by Ben L. Reynolds of Houston, and approved by the Board of Directors at its meeting on May 1, 1997. It was approved by the Membership at the October 31, 1997 meeting. Maritime lawyers generally enjoy a good reputation for professional conduct, and this Code should help us maintain the high standards to which we all aspire.

1. I will provide the highest level of competency and efficiency in the performance of all legal services.

2. I will comply with all rules and codes of professional conduct, and respect the law and preserve the decorum and integrity of the judicial process.

3. I will be civil and courteous to all colleagues, parties, witnesses and the courts, recognizing that effective representation is undermined by antagonistic behavior.

4. I will keep my word in the conduct of my legal practice and treat my colleagues, parties, witnesses and the courts with respect and dignity.

5. I will maintain the trust of my clients by keeping them well-informed and actively involved in making decisions affecting them.

6. I will resolve all disputes expeditiously and not engage in any course of conduct which unnecessarily increases cost or delays litigation.

7. I will engage in the discovery process, seeking an expeditious result for my client’s legitimate interest, while avoiding abuse and harassment of witnesses and parties.

8. I will contribute time and resources to pro bono activities.

9. I will not mislead or make any misrepresentation to the court.

10. I will exemplify and instill in others the tenets of this Code of Professional Conduct.