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Further to prior posts, the minutes of the December ISC/IWG meeting have been circulated and the first draft of the proposed 2016 Rules is now available.

Richard Cornah, a UK-based average adjuster and a rapporteur of the ISC and John O’Connor, a Canadian lawyer and past President of the CMLA, have prepared the draft on the basis of the what has been discussed so far. The draft however also includes ‘tidying up’ changes, some of which were based on the tidying up changes included in the YAR 2004. The text is set out in columns alongside YAR 1994 and YAR 2004 for easy comparison.

With regard to Rule XIV it has been decided at this stage to include the YAR 2004 wording with square brackets around the controversial wording described in the working papers.

Feel free to provide your comments.