Below are the papers and presentations from the May 2018 Committee Meetings. We thank all the presenters for their hard work, and the attendees for supporting their efforts.

Arbitration and ADR

Materials for Presentation by Kieth W. Heard on Overview of SMA Digest: Mitigation of Damages; FALCON CARRIER headnotes; Directory of Digests 1-8; and Digest 6.1 Table of Contents

Arbitration and ADR Speaker Bios: Kieth Heard, Blythe Daly and Peter Skoufalos

Arbitration and ADR: U.S. Perspective on BIMCO Clauses 5-3-18: BIMCO Presentation

Carriage of Goods

Carriage of Goods Blockchain Presentation and Rotterdam Rules paper by Michael Sturley and IMF paper

Carriage of Goods Blockchain Presentation Articles Referenced in Presentation

Inland Waters and Towing

Inland Waters: Materials for May 2 2018 CLE: Cell Phone Use, Liability, and Cell Phone Policies for Marine Operators

Powerpoint for Presentation: Cell Phone Use, Liability, and Cell Phone Policies for Marine Operators

Electronic Contracting Presentation: MLA Inland Waters On-Line Contracting 2018 paper; D. Boyajins: Powerpoint Electronic Contracting presentation 2018

Offshore Industries

Offshore Industries Committee – Presentation No. 1: Transocean Drilling UK Ltd v Providence Resources PLC; Ferryways NV v Associated British Ports (The Humber Way); NYC 2 May 2018 Supplytime 2017 what’s new – what’s changed

Offshore Industries Committee – Presentation No. 2: U.S. RESPONSECON Contract form fill; RESPONSECON Spill Response Contracts – MLA Presentation; Explanatory Notes RESPONSECON International Response Contract – final – v3

Offshore Industries Committee – Presentation No. 3: OCSLA 1333 Laws and Regulations Governing Lands; Newton v Parker Drilling Management Services Ltd; EBH Offshore Industries – MLA Presentation: Newton v Parker Drilling – powerpoint

Offshore Industries Committee – Presentation No. 4: USCG Rule 2018 05467; UPDATED- 4 18 CG2692; UPDATED- 4 18 CG2692B; 4051 Notice of Marine Casualty; 4032 Serious Marine Incident; 2018.04.06 USCG Final Rule Marine Casualty Reporting WRB-003

Practice and Procedure

Practice and Procedure – CLE Materials for May 2 2018: Benedict’s Jurisdiction Article; Lisa Reeves Bio

Recreational Boating

Recreational Boating Spring 2018 Meeting Speaker Bios, Materials and Presentations: 1-Recreational Boating Spring 2018 Agenda; 2-MLA Davis Spotts: U.S. Sailing Association Sanctioned Races; 3-Eric Thiel: Yacht Charters Liability and Insurance Issues; 4-Alton J Evans: Limitation for Recreation; 5-Noyes: Recreational Boat -MLA May 2018; 5-Noyes: USCG Recreational Boating Committee Handout; 6-Crowley: MLA Peer to Peer; 6-Crowley: MLA Presentation – Peer to Peer Boating; 7-Lochner: Marine Cyber Crime and Fraud Relating to Recreational Vessels; 8-Toney: 2018 MLA Yacht Finance Overview – Fraser docs; 9-Wooster: Boating Briefs Spring 2018; 3-EThiel (Bio); 8-Robert Toney Bio; 7-Todd Lochner Bio; 9-Daniel H Wooster: Palmer Biezup Henderson; 4-Alton J Evans, Jr: – BVGK; 2-David M Spotts Esq; 6-John Crowley MLA Bio; 5-Noyes -cv Dec. 2017; 3-Thiel: PPT – MLA Presentation 2018

Uniformity of U.S. Maritime Law

Uniformity – CLE Materials for May 2 2018 Meeting

MLA CLE Program – May 4 2018

Speaker Biographies: Mary T. Reilly; Jennifer Miller; and Brian Eisenhower

Written Materials – Multijurisdictional Practice: ABA Model Rule 8pt5; ABA Model Rule 5pt5

Written Materials – Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession: Ballance v Energy Trans. Corp – 2001 U.S. Dist. LEXIS Ballance v Energy Transp. Corp.; Univ. of Tex. – Southwestern Med. Ctr. v Nassar – 580 U.S.; Russo v APL Marine Servs. – 694 Fed. Appx. 585 Russo v APL Marine Servs…; McDonnell Douglas Corp. v Green – 411 U.S. 792 McDonnell Douglas Corp…; Harris v Forklift Sys. – 510 U.S. 17 Harris v Forklift Sys…; Griesing v Greenbers – Traurig Complaint; EEOC v Video Only Inc. – 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 46094; Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession; Aiello v Novartis Pharms. Corp. – 746 D. Supp. 2d-89; NY 192452 – NY 195452 PDF1

Agenda – MLA CLE Program Spring 2018