Arbitration Resources

American Arbitration Association
Public service organization offering support for dispute resolution by processes including arbitration, mediation, and mini-trials. Publishes an online Code of Ethics and Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators, as well as a new protocol for the resolution of disputes arising from eCommerce

Association for International Arbitration
The Association for International Arbitration (AIA) works towards promotion of ADR in general and arbitration in particular, as a means of dispute resolution. AIA strives to bring together the global community in this field, including judges, lawyers, arbitrators, mediators and academicians, as well as research scholars and students. A law review, to be published electronically on a semi-annual basis, is promised. Papers of the AIA are also available, as is a directory of ADR firms and associations.

Association of Maritime Arbitrators of Canada
Promotes arbitration of maritime disputes and provides related services. Publishes online a code of conduct and rules for arbitrators, as well as a model arbitration clause.

British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre
Non-profit organization offering support for alternative approaches to resolution of commercial disputes. Supplies supervision, rules and experts. Publishes on line the Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association Expedited Rules for Marine Insurance, as well as a list of arbitrators qualified for cases of marine insurance.

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) is the professional home for consumer and commercial arbitrators and practitioners of alternative forms of dispute resolution. The Institute’s global reach operates in a range of sectors including: law, construction, shipping, banking, insurance, commodities, agriculture, accountancy, medicine and sport. Through the provision of training and continuing professional development, the CIArb maintains an assured global standard of education.

Houston Marine Arbitrators Association
Professional, non-profit association offering arbitration of maritime, trade and energy disputes. The site contains information about the HMAA, a list of its members, a Register of Arbitrators with detailed information on each Arbitrator, the HMAA Rules, and an application form.

International Court of Arbitration
International Chamber of Commerce body created to assist with arbitration or conciliation in commercial disputes. Publishes on line rules and model clauses for maritime arbitration and use of experts.

Japan Shipping Exchange
A non-governmental/non-profit organization aiming to facilitate world maritime related business transactions and to assist maritime organizations which carry out these transactions. Among its activities are supplying arbitration and conciliation services (through the Tokyo Maritime Arbitration Commmision),and drafting and promulgating standard contract forms, e.g., NIPPONGRAIN ’98. JSE publishes online arbitration rules, a conciliation guide, and the texts of relevant Japanese laws.

Maritime Arbitration Association of the United States 
The U.S. maritime community’s national organization for alternative dispute resolution, educating the public and facilitating training in this specialized field, as well as offering dispute resolution proceedings on a nonprofit basis. Its members are experienced maritime lawyers who have been peer-reviewed for adherence to the highest professional standards of ethics, impartiality, and competence. Model clauses and forms can be found at the web site.

Society of Maritime Arbitrators (NY)
Professional, non profit organization promoting arbitration and other alternative procedures for resolving maritime disputes. Offers in print form the full text of SMA awards. Offers online directory of members, a summary report of SMA awards, rules for arbitration mediation, and conciliation, as well as a model clause and rules for arbitration of salvage involving recreational or small commercial vessels.

Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association 
The Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association was established in 1986 with the stated mission of advocating education and standards which foster reasoned and cost effective arbitrations, mediations and other forms of dispute resolution that will result in impartial and efficient solutions for parties involved in maritime disputes. Publishes a roster of members available to serve as arbitrators as well as rules for mediation and arbitration.


California Maritime Academy

Great Lakes Maritime Academy

Maine Maritime Academy

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

New York State Maritime College

Texas Maritime Academy

United States Coast Guard Academy

United States Merchant Marine Academy

United States Naval Academy

University of Miami Maritime Law Society
An organization formed by the students of the University of Miami School of Law to educate its members about maritime law.


Florida Courts
Full text of published opinions and rules of the Florida Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal and Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee, as well as rules of procedure and forms for Florida courts. Links to online collections of briefs and video of FSC oral arguments, both recorded and real-time.

Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation
The Judicial Panel (of Federal Judges) on Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) may act on motions for transfer to a single federal district court of civil actions filed in several different districts. Such a transfer order enables coordinated or consolidated pretrial proceedings, including discovery, under the supervision of a single judge selected by the Panel. Since 1968, the Panel has considered motions in more than 1,600 dockets covering more than 200,000 cases. At the web site can be found the MDL rules of procedure, indices to pending and transferred multidistrict litigations, enabling recovery of individual orders.

Louisiana Courts
Metasite for the Louisiana state judiciary. Links to various courts. Biographies, rules forms, etc. Texts of LASC decisions offered by date of release.

The Federal Judiciary
Metasite for the U.S. federal court system, with information and reports on line; print publications offered for sale. Links to the web sites of all U.S. federal courts.

U.S. Court of Appeals – 10th Circuit
Judges, local rules, forms, opinions, calendar, etc.

U.S. Court of Appeals – 11th Circuit
Rules, forms, directory, maps, and history are available on line from this site, as well as the text of opinions, but in an inconvenient arrangement. From the court’s site, link to the web site of Emory University’s law library for the full texts of opinions published since 1994, in a more useful arrangement.

U.S. Court of Appeals – 1st Circuit
Pacer, opinions, local rules.

U.S. Court of Appeals – 2nd Circuit
Judges, opinions, directory, local rules.

U.S. Court of Appeals – 3rd Circuit
Opinions, dockets, local rules, forms, etc.

U.S. Court of Appeals – 4th Circuit
Judges, opinions, calendar, local rules, forms, etc.

U.S. Court of Appeals – 5th Circuit
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

U.S. Court of Appeals – 6th Circuit
Judges, opinions, forms, calendar, etc.

U.S. Court of Appeals – 7th Circuit
Judges, forms, opinions, calendar.

U.S. Court of Appeals – 8th Circuit
Judges, opinions, oral argument recordings, calendar, local rules, forms.

U.S. Court of Appeals – 9th Circuit
Judges, forms, opinions, calendar, etc.

U.S. Court of Appeals – D.C. Circuit
Judges, opinions, calendar, local rules, forms, etc.

U.S. Court of Appeals – Fed. Circuit
Judges, local rules, forms, opinions, calendar, etc.

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina
Fee schedule, local admiralty rules, forms, etc.

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California
Calendars, filing procedures, forms, and local admiralty rules.

U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska
Court information, local admiralty rules, and calendars.

U.S. District Court for the District of Guam
Court information (including local admiralty rules), calendar, forms, and opinions.

U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii
Local admiralty rules, calendar, and forms.

U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland
Opinions, local rules, directions to the Court. Includes links to local admiralty rules.

U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey
Local admiralty rules, announcements, filing information.

U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon
Court information, local admiralty rules, and forms.

U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico
Staff directory, local rules (including local admiralty rules), fees, interest rates, forms, etc.

U.S. District Court for the District of the Northern Mariana Islands
Calendar, local admiralty rules, and contact information.

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California
Local admiralty rules, court calendar, Clerk’s Office.

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana
Judges, local admiralty rules, hearing dates, etc.

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York
Contains local admiralty rules, calendar, and general information.

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas
Directories, local admiralty rules, and filing information.

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia
Court location, schedule, forms, and local admiralty rules.

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin
General information, forms, fees, and local admiralty rules.

U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida
Forms and other information, including local admiralty and maritime rules.

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California
Announcements, calendars, filing information, and local admiralty rules.

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida
Local maritime and admiralty rules, filing information, and forms.

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
Clerk’s Office, online forms, and local admiralty rules.

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York
General information, local admiralty rules, and announcements.

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio
Online forms, clerk’s office, and local admiralty rules.

U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Alabama
Notices, court information, local admiralty rules.

U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida
General information, local admiralty rules, and forms and filing information.

U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
Local admiralty rules, Judges’ individual rules, directions to the courthouses, and more.

U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania
Courthouse information, calendar, and local admiralty rules.

U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington
Court information, documents, and local maritime rules.

Legal Resources

Admiralty and Maritime Law Guide
The Admiralty and Maritime Law Guide includes over 1,500 annotated links to admiralty law resources on the Internet and a growing database of admiralty case digests and opinions, arbitration award abstracts and international maritime conventions. The emphasis is on the law of the United States and the focus is on Internet resources that can be used in an effective and practical manner by admiralty attorneys and maritime professionals.

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
The Department regulates air, water, and food quality and protects state land from pollution including that from oil and chemical spills. Information is available on the development of spill response plans for specific areas and on Alaska’s Cruise Ship Initiative regarding vessel waste management and disposal practices.

American Association of Port Authorities
A trade association representing more than 150 port facilities in Canada, USA, the Caribbean basin and Latin America, for the purposes of enhancing professionalism and advocating on behalf of deep draft ports. Offers on line a collection of policy papers and port management information, as well as a status report on progress in the US Congress of legislation interesting to the maritime industry.

American Maritime Cases (As of January 1, 2021, American Maritime Cases are now exclusively on LexisNexis.)
Publisher since 1923 of reports of maritime decisions by US and Canadian courts, administrative agencies and arbitrators, as well as legislation relating to maritime affairs.

American Society of International Law
Founded in 1906 by U.S. Secretary of State Elihu Root to educate and engage the public in international law, and to expand its frontiers as a vehicle for resolving disputes and international conflict. The Society offers a useful Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law, as well as the Tables of Contents for issues of its publication International Legal Materials, and the full text of issues of its publication International Law in Brief.

Antarctic Treaty Secretariat
It was the primary purpose of a treaty in 1959 to ensure “in the interests of all mankind that Antarctica shall continue forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord.” Together with the treaty, several related agreements and measures agreed in consultative meetings form the treaty system. Also available is the handbook of the Committee for Environmental Protection.

Australasian Legal Information Institute
Impressive collection of primary legal materials (legislation, treaties and decisions of courts and tribunals), secondary legal materials created by public bodies (par ex., law reform and royal commission reports), and the contents of Australian scholarly journals.

Australian Law Reform Commission
A permanent, independent federal statutory corporation that, at the request of the Attorney-General of Australia, conducts inquiries into federal laws and legal processes with a view toward their reform. Online, the ALRC offers, inter alia, the texts of a discussion paper and the final report of its review of the Marine Insurance Act 1909 (Cth).

Australian Maritime Safety Authority
AMSA is a federal agency responsible for maritime safety and protection of the marine environment, licensing mariners, setting standards for vessel operations and navigation and managing public navigational aids and systems. Offers on line the texts of various laws, regulations and standards in these areas.

Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service
AQIS provides quarantine inspection services for the arrival of international passengers, cargo, mail, animals and plants or their products into Australia, and inspection and certification for a range of animal and plant products exported from Australia. Information is available on line regarding AQIS requirements for, inter alia, containers and ballast water.

Australian Transport Safety Bureau
An independent investigative body within the organization of the Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services, the ATSB conducts investigations into transport accidents, performs safety analysis and research, and raises safety awareness.

Benefits Review Board
Administrative tribunal of the U.S. Department of Labor with jurisdiction over appeals relating to claims for benefits under the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act. Publishes on line the Longshore Deskbook, Board rules of practice and procedure, reports of BRB decisions, and a table of reported LHWCA decisions by federal courts.

BIMCO is the world’s largest international shipping association, with approximately 2,500 members in 123 countries. Its members control a fleet of about 525 million DWT, 65% of the world’s merchant fleet. Among its many activities, BIMCO provides practical information and assistance to the maritime community. BIMCO offers a wide range of training programs and symposia. At its website can be found an extensive collection of standard form contract clauses widely employed in the industry.

California Office of Spill Prevention and Response
Part of the state’s Department of Fish and Game, OSPR is charged with oil spill prevention and response within California’s marine environment. Offers online text of relevant state law and regulations, reporting forms, contingency plans and the agency’s Field Operations Guide.

Central Union of Marine Underwriters (Norway)
The Central Union of Marine Underwriters (CEFOR) was founded in 1911 by Norwegian insurance companies and foreign insurance companies doing business in Norway. The object of CEFOR is enhancement of the Norwegian insurance market, through the coordinated efforts of its members. The web site website (in English and Norwegian) contains the Norwegian Insurance Plan of 1996 (ver. 2003), various hull and cargo clauses, the Insurance Contracts Act of 1989 and associated regulations, as well as various circulars, presentations, and statistics.

Centre de Droit Maritime et Océanique
Maritime and Oceanic Law Center, University of Nantes. Research center and educational facility offering post-graduate diploma in maritime law. Publishes on line Neptunus, a bi-lingual, quarterly law review, as well as selected theses and occasional papers.

Chinese Shipping Net
Approved by the Ministry of Communications of the People’s Republic of China and sponsored by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange (SSE), this web site offers, inter alia, English language translations of laws, regulations, and statements of policy related to shipping, cargo services and ports.

Code of Federal Regulations
Published on line by the National Archives and Records Administration. Searchable by key word. Regulations pertaining to Navigation and Navigable Waters are found in Title 33; those pertaining to Shipping are found in Title 46.

Commercial Crimes Services
Commercial Crime Services (CCS) is the anti-crime arm of the International Chamber of Commerce. Based in the UK, CCS is a membership organisation tasked with combating all forms of commercial crime. Its specialist divisions tackle all types of commercial crime, including malpractice and documentary fraud in international trade, insurance fraud, financial instrument fraud, money laundering, shipping fraud and product counterfeiting. The Piracy Reporting Centre maintains a round-the-clock watch on the world’s shipping lanes, reporting pirate attacks to local law enforcement and issuing warnings about piracy hotspots to shipping.

Committee on the Marine Transportation System
Formed by 18 Federal agencies responsible for various aspects of the U.S. Marine Transportation System, CMTS is the national coordinating body and a forum for discussion of strategies to minimize duplicate efforts and to coordinate overlapping functions. Offers online information about various conferences, papers, reports and discussions about USMTS.

Compilation of Maritime Laws
A compilation of US maritime laws (including current statutory amendments) published annually by the U.S. Maritime Administration. Contrary to what is said on the cover, this edition (2008) is current through the 1st session of the 110th Congress. It includes the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 and runs 770 pages. It takes into account the final stage of recodification of Title 46 and offers an index of both old and new citations for various provisions of law.

Department for Transport (UK)
Government ministry concerned with, inter alia, shipping and maritime commerce.

Direito MarĂ­timo e Direito do Mar
International Maritime Law & Law of the Sea Guide from the Polytechnic Institute of Beja, Portugal

European Commission – Maritime Affairs
information from the European Commission regarding matters relating to the sea, including fisheries, shipping, environment, and employment. Among other things, the green paper on EU maritime policy for the future.

European Maritime Safety Agency
EMSA provides technical and scientific advice to the European Commission on maritime safety and prevention of pollution by ships, and assists in the continuous process of updating and developing new legislation, monitoring its implementation and evaluating the effectiveness of measures in place. Among other specific tasks, the Agency will work to strengthen the Port State Control regime, helping to monitor classification societies, develop a common methodology for the investigation of marine accidents, and in the establishment of a vessel traffic and information system for the European Community. The website provides relevant EU legislation and legislative proposals, policy papers, and reports.

Federal Maritime Commission
Federal agency regulating competition in shipping in the foreign trades, licensing ocean transportation intermediaries, and issuing certificates of financial responsibility to those operating passenger vessels. Publishes online procedural rules, application forms, and instructions for filing complaints.

Fletcher Multilaterals Project
Texts of international and multilateral conventions and other instruments pertaining to marine and coastal matters, maintained by the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Global Integrated Shipping Information System
An International Martime Organization resource offering public information about maritime security (per SOLAS regulation XI-2/13), MARPOL’s Condition Assessment Scheme for single-hull tankers, Recognized Administrations for Flag State Control, maritime casualties (per MSC-MEPC.3/Circ.1), and port facilities for the reception of ship-generated waste. Registration is required, but access is free.

Guide to Law Online
From the Public Service Division of the U.S. Law Library of Commerce, an annotated guide to sources of information on governments and laws available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information.

Hague Conference on Private International Law
Intergovernmental organization formed to work for the unification of rules of private international law. Publishes online conventions, drafts and reports relating to, e.g., international sales, judicial procedure, foreign judgments, and ecommerce.

Houston Marine Insurance Seminar
Annual seminar on marine and energy insurance law and maritime law. 2001 seminar info, plus the texts of speeches and presentations made at the 1999 and 2000 seminars.

Institute in Maritime and Transportation Law
Founded in 1965, the Institute maintains Sweden’s largest transport law library accessible to the public, gives courses and seminars in transport law for students of the University of Stockholm and others, offers symposia and lectures for researchers and practitioners, and international colloquia in transport law. The Institute also issues a publication series on transport law subjects. The Institute is regularly heard by the government and other authorities on proposed legislation and other such matters. At its web site, the Institute offers articles by its staff, papers by its students, recent supplements to the Swedish Maritime Code, and a catalog of its holdings in print in English.

Institute of Maritime Law
Academic center of the University of Southamption presenting courses, conducting research, and consulting in matters relating to shipping and maritime law. Programs for award of LL.B. and LL.M. Publisher of a number of works in print, but nothing offered online.

International Chamber of Commerce
A global business organization, the ICC promotes business interests to national governments and other international organizations, works for businesses in the development of policy and law respecting trade, transport, investment, intellectual property and other subjects, and offers model rules, contracts and codes. The ICC’s website can contains international guidelines for E-commerce and rules of conduct to combat extortion and bribery.

International Group of P & I Clubs
The group manages a claims pool and and its reinsurance, while speaking for the member clubs to inter-governmental bodies, governments, and other industry groups. Online content includes the texts of the group’s constitution and agreements for pooling and reinsurance, as well as submissions by the group and circulars by its member clubs relating to a wide range of shipping and insurance topics.

International Labour Organization
UN agency promoting social justice and human and labor rights. Formulates minimum labor standards in the form of Conventions and Recommendations and provides technical assistance primarily in the fields of vocational training and vocational rehabilitation, employment policy, labor administration, labor law and industrial relations, working conditions, labor statistics and occupational safety and health. Offers online the full texts of recommendations, conventions, and the status of their ratification.

International Law Commission
Created by the UN General Assembly to foster the development and codification of international law. Publishes online the texts of selected conventions, drafts and reports, including those pertaining to law of the sea, international watercourses, dispute resolution, and treaties

International Maritime Law Institute
IMO educational facility at Malta offering short courses and degree programs (LL.M, Ph.D.) in shipping and maritime law and the law of the sea. Publishes online a collection of conventions, treaties and laws pertaining to maritime law and the law of the sea.

International Maritime Organization
Access International Maritime Organization circulars in full; includes Status of International Conventions and latest action dates for complying therewith.

International Whaling Commission
The International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (1946) provides for proper conservation of whale stocks and orderly development of the whaling industry. The Commission implements Convention procedures for worldwide regulation of whaling and fosters related research. At the web site can be found the full text of the Convention and its schedule, links to on-line resources relating to marine life, and procedures for purchasing Commission reports and subscribing to the Journal of Cetacean Research and Management.

Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce
Peer-edited, independent scholarly journal published quarterly. Focuses on all aspects of admiralty and maritime law, as well as law of the sea. Co-sponsors biennial symposium in Newport, R.I. Publishes online selected articles, on an occasional basis.

Judge John R. Brown Admiralty Moot Court Competition
Annual appellate advocacy competition for law students, co-sponsored annually by the University of Texas and a local host university on one of three coasts. Publishes on line its schedule and rules.

Judge John R. Brown Archives
Collection of papers, autobiographical sketch, bibliography, and instructions for research at the University of Houston’s O’Quinn Law Library

Legal Information Institute
Cornell Law School’s resource for legal research in web-based information systems.

MARAD Chief Counsel
The MARAD Chief Counsel website is being updated to include several new sections: – MARAD Memoranda of Understanding and Agreement (the first ten have been placed on the website and the remaining 150+ will be added over the next couple of weeks); – Legal Opinions (these opinions will include those written by my predecessors and will be uploaded over the next couple of weeks); – Legal Authorities (the electronic version of the updated Compilation document); and – Employee Spotlight.

Marine and Shipping Law
University of Cape Town Marine and Shipping Law Unit. Publishes extensive online library, including SA case decisions, legislation, and commission reports as well as draft laws, maritime law association information, scholarly papers, and Lloyd’s Open Form salvage contract.

Marine Law Institute
University of Maine center for public service and policy research relating to marine and littoral affairs and law. Publishes online the Tables of Contents from the Ocean and Coastal Law Journal, published by students at UM School of Law.

Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore
A statutory board charged with protecting Singapore’s strategic maritime interests and promoting Singapore as a major port and maritime center. Among other things published online are navigational notices and circulars relating to Singapore’s implementation of STCW and ISM.

Maritime Administration of United States
The US agency with a mission to promote the development and maintenance of a US merchant marine, sufficient to carry the Nation’s domestic waterborne commerce and a substantial portion of its waterborne foreign commerce, and capable of serving as a naval and military auxiliary in time of war or national emergency. MARAD’s website offers, inter alia, Maritime Advisories, information on pending regulatory actions, Title XI applications, publications and statistics.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency, The (UK)
The UK agency primarily responsible for marine safety and the protection of the marine environment. Includes the Receiver of Wreck. Offers online an index of international SAR Cooperation Plans, and the texts of various studies, reports, and technical publications.

Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand
A Crown entity, the MSANZ has the missions of promoting a safe maritime environment, providing effective marine pollution prevention, and responding effectively to marine oil pollution response system, all at reasonable cost. Online, the MSANZ offers the texts of relevant legislation, and pending bills, regulations addressing, e.g., charges for ship inspection and registration, and MSANZ rules regarding the safe operation of ships and carriage of cargoes, and the prevention of marine pollution.

Maryland Vice Admiralty Court Minutes
Transcription of colonial court minutes from 1754-1775 published by the Maryland State Archives.

Muse Library Maritime Law Resources
University of Richmond’s law library. Publishes on line a bibliography of materials in the collection related to maritime law and the law of the sea, as well as a pathfinder, i.e., a novice’s guide to performing legal research relating to those subjects.

Navy JAG Admiralty and Maritime Law Division
Site presented by U.S. Navy’s Judge Advocate General Corps for use by Navy JAG officers and interested members of the public. Publishes online various departmental instructions and directives, as well as the desk book for military judges, the Manual for Courts Martial, and a digest of decisions of the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Military Appeals.

New Zealand Maritime Law
For private research only, unofficial source for NZ case decisions, court rules, and legislation relating to maritime law.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development consists of thirty member countries committed to democracy and the market economy. At its website, OECD offers a large library of documents and statistics concerning trade and economic development. The section on Shipbuilding and Maritime Transport contains mutually agreed upon guidelines and recommendations pertaining to shipping and shipbuilding.

Office of Administrative Law Judges
First-instance administrative tribunal of the U.S. Department of Labor with jurisdiction to adjudicate claims for compensation under the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act. Also offers court-sponsored mediation, requests for which may be made electronically. Publishes online Rules of Practice, Judges’ Benchbook, and published case decisions.

OSPAR Commission
Through this commission, the Governments of Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, together with the European Community, cooperate for the protection of the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic. The text of the 1992 Convention can be found online, as can a large collection of technical documents, decisions, recommendations and assessments relating to the environment of the NE Atlantic.

Panama Canal Authority
An autonomous entity of the Panamanian government, charged solely with managing, operating and maintaining the Panama Canal. Offers online, in English and Spanish, the texts of the Carter-Torrijos Treaty, the constitutional provisions and organic statute of Panama for administration of the canal, PCA regulations and operational directives relating to transit.

Port State Control Committee, Mediterranean Region
A committee comprised of representatives from participating states in the eastern Mediterranean region, charged with implementation of a memorandum of understanding for the purpose of collaborative port state control aimed at the threats presented by substandard shipping to marine safety, the environment, and the working conditions of seafarers and other maritime laborers. The site provides the text of the memorandum and the committee’s annual report.

Port State Control Committee, Asian Pacific Region
A committee comprised of representatives from participating states in the region, charged with implementation of a memorandum of understanding for the purpose of collaborative port state control aimed at the threats presented by substandard shipping to marine safety, the environment, and the working conditions of seafarers and other maritime laborers. The site contains the text of the memorandum and the committee’s annual report.

Port State Control Committee, Europe & North Atlantic Region
A committee comprised of representatives from participating states in the region, charged with implementation of the Paris MOU, a memorandum of understanding for the purpose of collaborative port state control aimed at the threats presented by substandard shipping to marine safety, the environment, and the working conditions of seafarers and other maritime laborers. The site contains the text of the memorandum and the committee’s annual report.

Port State Control Committee, Indian Ocean Region
A committee comprised of representatives from participating states in the region, charged with implementation of a memorandum of understanding for the purpose of collaborative port state control aimed at the threats presented by substandard shipping to marine safety, the environment, and the working conditions of seafarers and other maritime laborers. The site contains the text of the memorandum and the committee’s annual report.

Port State Control Committee, Latin American Region
A committee comprised of representatives from participating states in the region, charged with implementation of the Acuerdo de Viña del Mar, a memorandum of understanding for the purpose of collaborative port state control aimed at the threats presented by substandard shipping to marine safety, the environment, and the working conditions of seafarers and other maritime laborers. The site contains the text of the memorandum and the committee’s annual report.

Records of the Corporation of Trinity House
A very brief history and description of Trinity House, together ith a description of related archives at Guildhall Library, published online by the School of Advanced Study at the University of London.

South African Legal Information Institute
Collection of legislation and decisions of the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Appeal, and Land Claims Court, as well as reports of the Law Commission.

St. Lawrence Seaway System
The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System Web site is a joint collaboration between The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation and Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation. At the web site can be found regulations applicable to the masters, managers, and owners of vessels to which the seaway is open, the text of the Seaway Handbook, Notices to Shipping, and forms for transit declaration and pre-clearance.

Texas General Land Office
State agency managing state lands and mineral-right properties, with responsibilities for protection of the environment, including coastal and submerged lands. Offers online state statutes, regulations, policies, programs and procedures for oil spills and other threats to the environment in the coastal zone, as well as a quarterly newsletter with a focus on compliance.

The Bonn Agreement
An international agreement by North Sea coastal states, together with the EC, for mutual assistance and co-operation in combating marine pollution. Available for viewing or downloading are selected portions of agreement, manuals for combating pollution and conducting aerial surveillance, annual and meeting reports, and enforcement guidelines.

The Transportation Institute
Non-profit organization dedicated to maritime research education and promotion. Members participate in all phases of US foreign and domestic shipping trades. The Institute monitors a wide range of federal government actions that directly impact the U.S.-flag maritime industry, and presents on line periodic reports of pending legislative and regulatory initiatives.

Transport Canada
Federal department responsible for policies, regulation and services related to Canada’s transportation system, in particular, its safe operation and impact on the environment. Offers online standards for construction, equipment, operations and personnel, as well as reports and studies, including updates on revision of the Shipping Act.

Transport Canada/Marine Services On-Line
Transport Canada offers a separate website, Marine Services On-Line, where a wide variety of government materials can be found, including legislation and regulations, that pertain to marine safety and port regulation. An array of publications is offered, as are links to related sites.

Transportation Research Board (U.S.)
The TRB is a unit of the National Research Council, which is the principal operating agency of the National Academies of Science and Engineering. The Board’s mission is to promote innovation and progress in transportation by stimulating and conducting research, facilitating the dissemination of information, and encouraging the implementation of research results. Publishes online a wide range of research reports, on subjects ranging from alcohol abuse in transportation, to freight planning and logistics, to seismic design criteria for bridges.

Trinity House
A corporation by royal charter in 1514, Trinity House today maintains aids to navigation, attends to the welfare of mariners in need, and licenses deep sea pilots. Current notices to mariners and an archive of past notices are available online.

Tulane Maritime Law Journal
Bi-annual scholarly journal published in print form by law students at Tulane University. Offers its current issue online, as well as a collection of other papers by Tulane students on subjects of maritime law.

Tulane University Law School
Describes academic program for certificate of specialization for work in maritime law. in conjunction with award of J.D., as well as the only U.S. program for award of LL.M. for work in maritime law. Also describes bi-annual Institute of continuing study for maritime lawyers.

U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy
Established by Act of Congress, the Commission will conduct a detailed review of existing and planned U.S. ocean and coastal programs and activities, and to provide recommendations for a coordinated and comprehensive national ocean policy on a broad range of issues, ranging from the stewardship of marine resources and pollution prevention to enhancing and supporting marine science, commerce, and transportation.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection
CBP controls traffic in goods and persons across US borders, collects duties, and enforces at national borders various health, immigration, safety and intellectual property protection laws. The website includes a comprehensive collection of related laws and regulations, as well as forms, publications and videos related to CBP and its functions.

U.S. National Transportation Safety Board
Independent Federal agency that investigates every civil aviation accident in the United States and significant accidents in the other modes of transportation, conducts special investigations and safety studies, and issues safety recommendations to prevent future accidents. Offers online accident reports, safety studies, public meeting schedules and exhibits, as well as procedures, opinions and orders in administrative cases involving licensed mariners and airmen.

UNCITRAL’s Working Group on Transport Law
Formed to manage the effort of creating a new international agreement to reflect modern trends in the law pertaining to goods transport by sea, the Working Group offers at its web site agendas for, and reports on, its most recent working sessions, drafts of the instrument, and the questionnaire employed in its study.

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
A legal body with universal membership specializing in commercial law reform worldwide for over 30 years. The core legal body of the United Nations system in the field of international trade law. UNCITRAL’s business is the modernization and harmonization of rules on international business. At its web site can be found the text of international conventions, related travaux preparatoires, case reports, and interpretive tools, as well as a report on the status of various conventions and model texts.

United Nations Treaty Collection
Prepared and updated regularly by the Treaty Section of the Office of Legal Affairs of the United Nations, this online service offers access to over 40,000 treaties and international agreements, for a subscription fee the amount of which varies according to the nature of the subscriber. Available without charge is a Treaty Reference Guide, Treaty Handbook, and documents describing the UN’s treaty process.

United States Coast Guard 
Comprehensive site linking to USCG resources pertaining to marine safety, environmental protection, vessel documentation, fisheries regulation, and mariner licensing. Directories, contacts, documents in substantial number.

United States Code
Federal law currently in force, arranged topically. Published online by the U.S. Government Printing Office. Browsable by title and searchable by key word.

United States Department of Transportation
Comprehensive departmental site, offering online materials relating to, e.g, oil spills and transportation of hazardous material. Online incident reporting is available, as are incident reports, rules, regulations and their intepretations by the agency.

Virginia Marine Resources Commission
The Commission is a state agency charged with the management and regulation of Virginia’s marine resources. The website posts public notices, regulations pertaining to recreational and commercial fishing, and information about habitat permits.

Washington State Department of Ecology 
State agency responsible for protection of the environment and preservation of sustainable communities and natural resources. Offers a wide range of publications concerning programs for protection of the coastal zone, prevention of spills and their reporting and clean-up.

Other Maritime Law Associations

Assocation of Transportation Law Professionals
The Association of Transportation Law Professionals seeks to equip its members to be vital resources for their companies, firms, customers and clients who compete in a constantly changing and increasingly global transportation and logistics marketplace.

British Maritime Law Association
Promoting the study and advancement of British maritime and mercantile law, and the unification of maritime and mercantile law among nations. Reports, responses to the CMI and occasional papers are available online.

Canadian Maritime Law Association
Comprised of individual and organizational members united in promoting uniformity and reform in international maritime law and commerce. Online publication of annual and other committee reports, as well as occasional papers.

Comite Maritime International
An international organization of national and multinational maritime law associations, working for the unification of all aspects of maritime law. Publishes online directories of Officers and Board of Directors of member associations, uniform rules for electronic bills of lading and sea waybills, the status of ratification of maritime conventions, and reports on works in progress.

European Maritime Law Organization
Established to afford a neutral forum for discussion of EC maritime matters. Produces conferences and seminars. Promises online publication of scholarly papers. Offering a scholarship for original academic work in the field of European Maritime Law.

Hong Kong Maritime Law Association
The Hong Kong Maritime Law Association was established in 1978 and seeks to promote discussion and consideration of maritime law and the advancement of reform where appropriate. It participates in the activities of CMI in seeking to develop, unify and harmonize maritime and mercantile laws, customs and practices. Membership includes maritime lawyers, ship owners, P&I Clubs and other persons and organizations involved in maritime activities that have an interest in maritime law. The Association also holds periodic lunches with guest speakers, an AGM, annual cocktail party and other functions.

Maritime Law Association Of Australia and New Zealand
Trans-Tasman organization promoting development and uniformity of maritime law. Sponsors seminars, publishes online journal and newsletter, as well as law commission documents, CMI responses, and occasional papers. Has developed arbitration rules.

South African Maritime Law Association
Organization of maritime lawyers, academics and industry representatives interested in development and reform of maritime law, especially through legislative action. Offers online the text of SA maritime legislation and drafts, as well as a collection of maritime conventions.

Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute
Organization of maritime lawyers practicing in the region, offering continuing education and a forum for discussion of maritime law and practice. Presents a seminar annually. Publishes its schedule, and a list of printed materials prepared for the seminars, now available for purchase.