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  • Update for May 3 meeting: Aaron Greenbaum’s Powerpoint on M&C Updates is uploaded; NTSB Accident Investigation presentation also uploaded (to be used by Chip Birthisel for his presentation on major marine casualty investigations).

  • Towing Committee: We have just uploaded Aaron Greenbaum’s paper, Recent Developments in Maintenance and Cure and Punitive Damages, to the “Docs” link on this committee page. He’ll present it in person this Wednesday at our meeting.

  • Hope to see you at our next meeting at the traditional location at McAllister Towing’s boardroom in NYC on Wednesday, May 3, from 11:00 – 12:30! We expect to have an informative and entertaining couple of presentations, along with updates on relevant topics. The agenda is posted to “Docs.” Dial in # is 515-739-1030, Access Code 130-270-697.

  • We look forward to seeing some of you at our Fall 2016 meeting in New Orleans next week, on Oct 27 at 2-3pm as the offices of Liskow & Lewis. Our chair Kent Roberts has put together a great panel of folks to talk about the pressing issues and questions now that Subchapter M has finally passed. If you cannot join us, feel free to dial in. Capt.…[Read more]

  • What a great joint committee meeting in Bermuda, using every bit of our allotted two hour time slot! Thanks to Kent Roberts and Jason Pedigo for their presentations discussing marine casualty reporting requirements and recent cases in which the requirements proved challenging. We also were fortunate to hear a presentation from, among others,…[Read more]