Cruise Lines and Passenger Ships’s Docs COVID Regulations/Guidelines Cruise Lines - Recommendations from the Healthy Sail Panel

Introduction Excerpt:

The following document represents the findings of a four-month effort by a panel of experts in public health, infectious disease, biosecurity, epidemiology, hospitality, and maritime operations. The Healthy Sail Panel (the Panel; the Expert Panel) was convened at the request of cruise industry leaders Royal Caribbean Group and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. The Panel was given the charge to closely examine every aspect of the cruise ecosystem, and recommend the most effective, scientifically sound ways to make the cruise experience healthier and safer. The paramount goal and guiding principle of our work was to define a set of protocols and procedures that would protect guests, crews, and the communities cruise ships visit from SARS-CoV-21 and reduce the risk of transmission below the level people would experience in other normal activities.