Recreational Boating’s Docs 2020 Fall Meeting Fall Meeting Agenda

Dear Committee Members:

As you have already heard, we are holding our Fall Meeting via Zoom.

 The Recreational Boating Committee will be meeting on November 4th at 14:00 hours EDT.

I have heard from many of you already but if you HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE SO, please e-mail me as soon as possible at [email protected] and [email protected] if you wish to attend this meeting. We would appreciate responses by October 23rd at Noon for the preliminary count but absolutely no later than November 3rd at Noon.

We will email a Zoom link (or phone number, etc.), to attendees, along with a password and instructions shortly before the meeting. Please do not share the password information or place it in a publicly accessible location. We will include the forms needed to receive CLE credit; these forms will also be posted on our Committee page.