Our Oceans’s Docs Joint Our Oceans & YLC Committees' Meeting NYC 2022

Dear All,

In my last official duty as Chair of the Our Oceans Committee, I attach the Recent Developments presentation made by George Croton, and the PDF slides that accompanied Teni Olowu’s presentation “The Sail to Net Zero,”  made at our NYC meeting last week, for your perusal and reference.

It has been my great honor to have served as the first Chair of the MLA’s Our Oceans Committee. I  thank immediate Past President of the MLA, Dave Farrell, for the impetus that created this group, and for giving me the opportunity to form and oversee it during its infancy. I also want to thank Sean Houseal, who will take over as Chair, and Eva-Maria Mayer, who I have recommended to be named as Vice Chair, as well as our steadfast YLC liaison, George Croton, and our Board of Directors liaison, Jennifer Porter, for all of their hard work, creativity, and support over the last two years. Your Committee is in very good hands. Last, but not least, thanks to you, the members of the Committee, for your interest in, and commitment to this Committee and its important work.

Best Regards,