Marine Torts and Casualties’s Docs MARINE TORTS AND CASUALTIES: First issue of Bitter End Bulletin, November 2021

Dear Committee Members,

Adam Deitz and Christine Walker have published the first issue of the Bitter End Bulletin (attached).  The hope is that this bulletin will be a source of current topics and trends within maritime tort law for all committee members.  The bulletin will strive for neutral content and is currently co-edited by a maritime personal injury plaintiff’s attorney and a maritime defense attorney.  Adam will share more about the bulletin at our committee meeting this Friday aboard the Hornblower Odyssey.

If there is a topic that you would like to read, write or share in the next bulletin, please contact Adam Deitz ([email protected]) and Christine Walker ([email protected]).

Many thanks to contributor Adam Cooke in this edition’s article “How Genuinely Salty is Salty Enough?”