Marine Torts and Casualties’s Docs D-V CONCEPTION MLA Marine Torts & Casualties Committee - D/V CONCEPTION - 5 Documents Pertaining to Fall 2022 Committee Meeting

Dear Marine Torts & Casualties Committee Members:

Further to our October 27, 20222, Joint Meeting in California (and via Zoom) on the D/V CONCEPTION casualty, linked here are:

(1) “Brief Overview of the D/V CONCEPTION Fire and Litigation,” prepared by Jessica McClellan (DOJ, T-ASA) with the assistance of Luke Whartnaby (Boston University School of Law) and Matthew Langford (Georgetown University School of Law)

(2) “Small Passenger Vessel Safety Act of 2019″ (enacted January 2021)

(3) ‘‘Small Passenger Vessel Liability Fairness Act of 2021” (not enacted)

(4) USCG Interim Rule: “Fire Safety of Small Passenger Vessels” (12/27/2021)

(5) U.S.A. v. Boylan: Court’s Memo Opinion Granting Motion to Dismiss Indictment for Failure to Allege Gross Negligence, etc. (8/30/2022)


Fred Goldsmith, Chair
[email protected]