Marine Torts and Casualties’s Docs Sailboat Mast to Bridge Allision during Tow, the “Dominant Mind” Doctrine, Pennsylvania Rule, Rule 7, and Fuzzy Math.

ORDER on Cross Motions for Summary Judgment in Exoneration and Limitation of Liability Action in The Complaint and Petition of Jersey Shore Boat Towing & Salvage, Inc., Absolute Boat Towing & Salvage, Inc., et. al. Case No.: 6:21-cv-1779-WWB-RMN, from Middle District of Florida, dated November 13, 2023. Claimants attorneys Carlos Llinás Negret, Esqs. of  Nelson & Fraenkel, LLP, Los Angles, and Robert L. Gardana, Esq., of Robert L. Gardana, P.A., Miami.