Stevedores, Marine Terminals, and Vessel Services’s Docs Stevedores, Marine Terminals, and Vessel Services Committee 2024 Spring Meeting

Dear Committee Members:

I have attached the agenda for our meeting in New York. As you will see, we will meet at Blank Rome’s offices on May 2nd from 10:30 – 12:00 p.m. Thanks so much to Guillermo Cancio and Colleen Jacoby for putting together some great presentations on Borrowed Servant Risk Allocation Issues and The FMC’s Final Rule on D&D Billing!!

If you plan to attend in person, please e-mail my assistant, [email protected] so that we can have you added to the building security list.

I will also look in to remote attendance options and attempt to set up a Zoom or Teams link for remote attendees.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in NYC!
All the best,
Ivan M. Rodriguez, Chair