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    It appears that the MLA is lacking CLE courses covering regulatory Federal Maritime Commission (“FMC”) laws and regulations, in particular, the Shipping Act of 1984, as amended by the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 1998.  Also, current MLA committees and/or sub-committees appear to also not include FMC laws and regulations.

    If interested by MLA members, I propose presenting several MLA CLE courses covering FMC laws and regulations governing vessel operation common carrier (also known as VOCCs or ocean common carrier, laws and regulations governing the licensing and registration of US based and foreign ocean transportation intermediaries (“OTI “) Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers  (“NVOCCs”) and ocean freight forwarders (“OFF”).   Other CLE courses would cover FMC jurisdiction and regulations of VOCC and maritime terminal agreements,FMC  laws and regulations governing VOCC service contracts, NVOCC Negotiated Rate Arrangements (“NRAs”) and NVOCC Service Arrangements, and VOCC and NVOCC laws and regulations governing Shipping Act tariff requirements for VOCCs and NVOCCs.

    Please me know if there is an interest in the above CLE courses.  I’m a former FMC attorney-adviser in the FMC’s Office of the General Counsel from 1987 to 19994.






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