Autonomous Ships and Smart Marine Technology’s Docs MLA Fall 2022 San Diego Meeting Presentations MLA Fall 2022 Meeting Agenda and Materials

Greetings and Welcome to the first meeting of the Autonomous Ships and Smart Marine Technology Committee as a full MLA Standing Committee!

Our San Diego meeting will be led by your Vice-Chair, Joe Kramek.  This meeting we are focused on the emerging use of autonomy in the US Navy, along with updates from the US Coast Guard on their continued diligent efforts as regulators of these smart technologies in the commercial sector.  We are privileged to receive presentations from CDR Jessica Pyle, U.S. Navy, Judge Advocate General Corps, and Fleet Judge Advocate U.S. Third Fleet, as well as CDR Joel Coito, U.S. Coast Guard Chief, Prevention Law Division Office of Maritime & International Law.

I have also included the agenda from the recent Comité Maritime International (CMI) International Workgroup on MASS as part of the CMI International Conference last week in Antwerp, Belgium.  MASS was allotted multiple sessions and a panel, and I hope to leverage the experience to further bolster the US MLA and our Committee’s role in this space as there is more to come from the CMI and MLA.

Enjoy sunny San Diego, and thank you to Joe for leading the efforts (and to Barbara Holland for her continued support of this Committee).

Kind Regards,

Sean Pribyl