Carriage of Goods’s Docs Carriage of Goods Committee Business - Proposed Statutory Fix to COGSA

Ladies & Gentlemen:

I have attached both the minutes of our March 14 ZOOM meeting and a revised Resolution, submitted by Dave Maloof, regarding proposed changes to U.S. COGSA.

At the risk of over-simplifying the proposed resolution, it seeks to place a time-limit on the MLA’s continued support for the Rotterdam Rules, shifting our support to immediate enactment of the Hague-Visby Rules as domestic legislation in the U.S.  – effectively superseding COGSA – as well as inclusion of provisions limiting the effect of the SKY REEFER decision.

We will continue our discussion of these proposals via ZOOM next Thursday, at 2:00 pm EDT, with a view towards obtaining consensus and finalizing our Committee position during our meeting in NYC.

The link to join our ZOOM Meeting is

I look forward to seeing you all next Thursday.

Best regards,