Inland Waters and Towing’s Docs MLA Inland Waters and Towing Committee Meeting Papers and Info: May 1 at 11-12:30 at India House

Hello Committee Members!  Kent Roberts (Chair), David Boyajian (Secretary), and I (Vice Chair) are excited to see you at the Spring Meeting of the Inland Waters and Towing Committee tomorrow from 11 – 12:30 at the India House.  A bit of info and lots of papers, necessary both for CLE credit and for use in following along by phone.  If you dial in, please call:  515-604-9099.  Access Code 130-270-697.  PLEASE ask us to be louder if needed; we will try our best!  If you come in person, please sign in and out and put the time for CLE credit.

Afterwards, I’ll submit all the materials to our NY CLE liaison for the MLA, who will issue the NY CLE certificates directly to you via email.  If you appear by phone, you’ll need to listen for Kent to say the magic word during each CLE presentation, and fill out and return to me the CLE phone affirmation.  I’ll try to attach all the meeting materials here, but if technology fails me, more to follow.

  1. Updated Agenda
  2. First CLE PowerPoint presentation -Update on Maintenance & Cure (Aaron Greenbaum)
  3. Second CLE PowerPoint presentation -Seamen’s Arbitration Agreements (Marissa Henderson)
  4. Odds & Ends Update (Kent Roberts)
  5. Recent Maritime Issues/Industry Issues Update (Buckley McAllister)
  6. Bios for all CLE speakers
  7. Phone Affirmation for CLE credit
  8. CLE Paper – Update on Maintenance & Cure (Aaron Greenbaum)
  9. CLE Paper – Seamen’s Arbitration Agreements (Marissa Henderson)
  10. CLE Evaluation Survey

Call/text me if you have any last minute issues–I’ll try to help!  757-394-4886.  Thanks again to Buckley McAllister and McAllister Towing for hosting us at India House!

Best, Marissa Henderson; Towing Committee Vice Chair [email protected]