Recreational Boating’s Docs 2018 - Fall Meeting Presentations from 2018 Fall meeting of Recreational Boating Committee

Dear Committee Members,

I apparently experienced technical difficulties in my initial attempt to upload to the Committee’s web page copies of the presentations made at the 2018 Fall meeting of the Committee in Coral Gables.  My entire message to the Committee disappeared into the vapor, and apparently none of the documents uploaded, so I am trying again, and hopefully you will soon be able to access the documents.

The brief oral presentation I made at the meeting (#9 on the Agenda) about potential penalties for illegal charters is still in the process of being produced in a bit more thorough written form, and I expect to upload it at a later date.

In addition to the presentations made at our Committee meeting, with the permission of Coast Guard Captain Shannon Gilreath I have also uploaded a copy of the very informative presentation he made at the separate CLE session, which is very relevant to our Committee.

The presentation file names start with number corresponding to their order number on the meeting Agenda, except for Captain Gilreath’s presentation, which is numbered as #10.   I hope these documents will be beneficial both to those who were unable to attend the meeting in person, and to those who were fortunate enough to attend but who do not have photographic memories.

Best regards,

Mark Buhler, Chair